BTOBFACT: The complete electronic invoicing platform in Mexico that integrates with any ERP

+20 years of experience assure you the best service

Integration to any ERP

Store your documents for the legally established periods and implement processes for receiving other documents such as orders, which, like invoices, are automatically integrated into your management system.


Unlike other E-invoice systems, BTOBFACT has 7 PACs, in other words, if it detects that a PAC is not ready, it redirects the invoice to another PAC. All this to ensure the flow of your business.

Complementos y addendas

We have all invoice complements, such as Foreign Trade and Payroll Receipt, among many others. We stay at the forefront of billing processes so that you do not stress

Tech support

We distinguish ourselves by providing an excellent experience to our clients and technical support at all times. Whether it's a simple question about the portal or more complex integrations questions, we're here to help!

Paquetes de Timbrado CFDI 3.3

Paquetes de timbrado preestablecidos

Cantidad de timbres preestablecidos para  maximiazar tus ahorros 

Paquetes de timbrado por consumo

Precio por consumo de timbres para tener el control total

«The portal is very simple and very friendly. Customizations were requested in it to work faster and more efficiently, which were carried out and met our needs. »- Director TI de empresa internacional en la industria textil

We integrate to any ERP

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