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Our EDI solutions adapt to your necessities, regardless of your company's size.

We are a company with over 20 years of experience in development, business consulting, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), logistics projects, e-commerce, integration of ERP systems to the web and cybersecurity for the protection of your most valuable information in the company.


EDI System Integration (Electronic Data Interchange)
(Electronic Data Interchange)

Connect with your business partners and collaborators through EDI regardless of the size of your company. EDI solutions for any industry (Logistics, Automotive, Retail, etc.). EDI with any business partner made easy.

Mexican Electronic Invoicing

The BTOBFACT3.3 system for generation, reception, validation, rejection or acceptance of CFDI from your trading partners, optimizes processes while sending your invoices automatically using the technology that best suits your business strategy.

desarrollo de sistemas BTOB Consultores

Software and App Development

BTOB Consultores makes its software development department available to our clients to propose appropriate solutions to each challenge. Our staff will study your specific case and look for the most appropriate solution according to your needs. We have more than 10 innovative mobile solutions.


Through the integration with ViPNet technologies (Infotecs) obtain a powerful computer security system for the protection of information exchange during the daily operations of your company. Protect the exchange of files, messaging, phone calls and sensitive information in general.

4.0 Industry and Internet of Things

Thanks to years of research, development and experimentation we are a company capable of offering solutions ready to face the future and help you take the next step towards the digitization of your industry. We design software and hardware adapted to your needs without ever forgetting security.

Years of experience

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Any industry, any size

We carry out projects of any dimension in the Automobile, Logistics, Transport, Retail, Security, Manufacture and other industries.

Experts in Integration of ERPs to Web

We are business partners with the biggest Enterprise Resource Planning providers in the world.

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