Facilitate the generation, reception, validation, rejection or acceptance of CFDI documents from your business partners, optimize processes while sending your invoices in an automated way using the technology that best suits your business strategy.

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BTOBFACT v3.3 is our electronic billing solution for individuals and corporations in Mexico. Designed to make CFDI emission processes as simple as possible, BTOBFACT maintains constant and secure integration in line with the standards established by official regulatory bodies.

Invoicing for everyone

It does not matter if you are an independent worker or have a growing company BTOBFACT is for you. You can access our web portal from any device and wherever you are with an Internet connection and make CFDI emissions easy and convenient.

Invoicing for enterprises

BTOBFACT is also designed for medium and large companies that require integrated solutions for their accounting systems or suitable for their business partners. Our expert team in integrations can meet your needs and propose the solutions that best suit the requirements of your company.

Invoicing for your clients

If you have an accounting firm or have multiple client accounts with a wide variety of social reasons or require a portal to help you control the issuance of CFDI documents you can also count on us.

Just contact us and we will gladly advise you on the proper process to acquire this service.

Invoicing Online

Our services are easily accessible from a single web portal. Helping you in this way to control the access and the issuance of your vouchers wherever you are.


All type of CFDI documents

BTOBFACT is ready to handle: proof of income, expenses, transfers, receipt of payments, withholdings and Payroll. Complying with the current SAT regulations

Timbres que no caducan

Buscamos diferenciarnos ofreciendote timbres digitales sin una vigencia así no importa el tiempo que te tome comenzar a facturar nosotros de apoyamos en tu proceso de crecimiento.

Technical support when you need it

We distinguish ourselves by providing an excellent experience to our clients and technical support at all times. Whether it's a simple question about the portal or more complex integrations questions, we're here to help!

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