Software and App Development

 Do you have an innovative idea, or do you need a system tailored to your needs?

             BTOB Consultores makes its software development team available to its clients to propose appropriate solutions for each challenge. Our staff will study your specific case and seek the most appropriate solution according to your needs.

Modular Solutions

We seek to offer appropriate solutions according to the current needs of each client but also ensure the future growth of all our developments. In this way the software grows as needed without affecting existing processes or critical infrastructures.


SIMM: Discover our new prototype solution SIMM (MINE MONITORING SYSTEM) developed to monitor active personnel and gases inside the facilities.

Apps, Cloud or Desktop

We adapt to the needs of the market, whether you require a mobile application, desktop or cloud based technologies, our development experts can propose the solution that best suits the needs of the moment.

New Technologies

Not only do we focus on solving the problem, our development teams are constantly growing, promoting new technologies that assure our clients that their systems will not become obsolete over time.

Robust Systems

We assure you that despite using cutting-edge technology, the systems we design are extremely robust and do not allow loss of information or security breaches. All our technologies have been widely tested and are ready to support the most critical infrastructures of your business.

Designed for integration, with scalability in mind

Thinking mainly about the ease of integrating your systems with your business partners or other complex systems, our development teams design the software solutions in the best possible way, allowing you to even scale the dimensions of the solution as your operations develop or expand your business.

Our years of experience and the diversity of our clients support us extensively.

Support when you need it

We distinguish ourselves by providing an excellent expirience to our clients and technical support at all times. Whether it's a simple question about the portal or more complex integrations questions, we're here to help!